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"Under-Represented" college scholarships refer to financial aid programs that target certain groups of students who are historically underrepresented in higher education, including but not limited to:

Some popular underrepresented college scholarships include:

  • The Gates Scholarship
  • The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship
  • The Ron Brown Scholar Program
  • The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship
  • The National Society of Black Engineers Scholarship
  • The United Negro College Fund
  • UNCF Scholarships: The United Negro College Fund offers multiple scholarships to African American students, including the Gates Millennium Scholars Program and the Ron Brown Scholar Program.
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund: HSF provides scholarships and support services to Hispanic students to help them achieve a higher education.
  • National Society of Black Engineers: NSBE awards scholarships to African American students studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.
  • American Indian College Fund: AICF provides scholarships and support services to American Indian and Alaska Native students pursuing higher education.
  • AAUW Selected Professions Fellowships: American Association of University Women provides fellowships to women pursuing graduate-level studies in fields where women are underrepresented, such as engineering and computer science.
  • AIAS Minority/Disadvantaged Scholarships: American Institute of Architecture Students provides scholarships to underrepresented students pursuing degrees in architecture.

It is important to research eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and award amounts for each scholarship, as they vary widely.

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