College Scholarships

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Overview of Scholarships by the type of student you are


In this section, we have organized scholarships by the different type of students there are. We have scholarships for left-handed students, twins, triplets, students who want celebrity scholarships, and those who need last minute free money.

Women and Minority Students

If you are female and/or an ethnic or cultural minority and are looking for scholarship in technology, math, and science, and vocational trades, you are in luck. Woman and Minorities are currently under represented in these areas and state, federal, and private corporations are looking to change that. Please browse our Woman and Minority section for scholarships opportunities.

Last Minute Student

Last minute again, need some extra money? We have included a section on scholarships with late deadlines suitable for last-minute applicants. If you're hoping to scrape together a couple of extra bucks before you head off to school, look no further. For a list of last minute Scholarships, please visit our Last minute section.

Other Student Types