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Cherokee Nation Tribal citizens

Cherokee Nation Tribal citizens


The Cherokee Nation offers scholarships to tribal citizens who are enrolled or plan to enroll in a tribal college or university. These scholarships aim to support the educational pursuits of Cherokee students and provide financial assistance for tuition, fees, books, and other related expenses. However, please note that the specific details of the scholarships, such as eligibility criteria, application process, and award amounts, may vary and can change over time. It's always recommended to visit the official website of the Cherokee Nation or contact their scholarship department directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding available scholarships and how to apply.

In addition to the scholarships offered by the Cherokee Nation, there may be other scholarships available for Cherokee citizens. Here are a few potential sources to explore:

  1. American Indian College Fund: The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships to Native American students, including Cherokee citizens, who are enrolled in tribal colleges and universities or mainstream institutions. They offer various scholarships, including general scholarships and those specific to certain fields of study or tribes.
  2. Native American Scholarship Fund: The Native American Scholarship Fund offers scholarships to Native American students, including Cherokee citizens, who are pursuing higher education. They have a range of scholarships available, including those for undergraduate and graduate students.
  3. Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs): Many TCUs have their own scholarship programs to support Native American students, including Cherokee citizens. These scholarships may be specific to the respective TCU or available to students from various tribes attending the institution.
  4. State and Federal Scholarships: Some states and the federal government provide scholarships and financial aid programs for Native American students. These programs may have specific eligibility requirements and application processes. It is worth exploring scholarship opportunities specific to your state of residence or the state where you plan to attend college.
  5. Private Organizations and Foundations: There are various private organizations and foundations that offer scholarships to Native American students, including those from the Cherokee Nation. Examples include the Cobell Scholarship, Udall Foundation Scholarship, and the Association on American Indian Affairs Scholarship.

Remember to thoroughly research each scholarship program's eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and specific criteria. Additionally, consider reaching out to your local Cherokee Nation office or tribal education department for guidance and information on additional scholarship opportunities available to Cherokee citizens.

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