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Library Science is an interdisciplinary field of study that combines elements of information management, education, and technology. It involves the collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information resources.

Professionals in library science, often called librarians, are tasked with managing information and providing access to it, often in a library setting, but also in other information management roles. They are responsible for selecting, acquiring, cataloguing, classifying, circulating, and maintaining library materials, and for furnishing reference, bibliographical, and readers' advisory services.

Librarians also often engage in programming and outreach, and may specialize in a particular type of library (public, academic, school, etc.), or in a particular type of resource (such as archives or digital collections). They may also specialize in serving a particular group of patrons, such as children, young adults, or students in a particular discipline.

With the advancement of technology, library science has evolved to include topics such as digital libraries, data information management, information architecture, knowledge management, and more. The tools and techniques of library science are applicable to any collection of information, not just those found in libraries.

Library Science College Scholarships

Here are a few scholarships specifically for students studying Library Science:

  1. ALA Spectrum Scholarship: The American Library Association (ALA) offers this scholarship to students pursuing graduate degrees in library and information studies from ALA-accredited programs. It's aimed at promoting diversity in the profession.
  2. Miriam L. Hornback Scholarship: This scholarship is offered by the ALA to students who have been admitted to an ALA-accredited library school and who plan to specialize in library and information studies.
  3. LITA/LSSI Minority Scholarship in Library and Information Technology: This scholarship, offered by the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), a division of ALA, and Library Systems and Services (LSSI), is designed for a minority student pursuing a degree in Library and Information Technology.
  4. The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce (IRDW): This scholarship offers a stipend to students pursuing a master's degree in library and information science from an ALA-accredited program.
  5. The Medical Library Association Scholarship: This scholarship is for a student who shows excellence in scholarship and potential for accomplishment in health sciences librarianship.

Please note that eligibility criteria and deadlines will vary for each scholarship. Always check the official websites for the most accurate and updated information.

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