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American Legion Baseball Scholarship

July 15th
$500 - $5,000

The American Legion awards between $22,000 and $25,000 in scholarships to deserving baseball players each year. Each Department Baseball Committee may select a player from its department to receive this scholarship. The American Legion will award several scholarships each year depending on the number of applicants and interest earned from the trust fund. Award amount can vary between $500 to $5,000.

Award Amounts

  • Department Baseball Scholarship Winners receive $500.
  • Each certified Department Baseball scholarship winner shall be considered for The American Legion All-Academic Team sponsored by Diamond Sports, annually.
  • Eight players selected by a scholarship selection committee at The American Legion World Series will receive an additional $2,500 scholarship.
  • A ninth player, selected as the most outstanding member of the All-Academic Team, will be awarded an additional $5,000 scholarship.
  • All-Academic Team winners will retain their $500 scholarship from their department.

Scholarship recipients will be eligible to receive their scholarships immediately upon graduation from an accredited high school. Scholarship winners must utilize the total award within eight (8) years of their graduation date, excluding active military time.

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