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College Scholarships

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Exam Edge Scholarship

May 1st & October 31st

The Exam Edge Scholarship was established to help people make their career dreams come true. We have been helping students pass their certification exams since 2006 and understand the financial strain these certifications can create.

Our scholarship program was designed to support the career aspirations of Exam Edge users. We believe in the power of community and lifting up the people most in need of continuing professional development. Our scholarships are our way of contributing to the greater learning community. Whether you're a current college student with an eye on your career plans post-graduation day or already a working professional searching for a career change, we're here to help.

We're proud to offer a wide array of resources to help aspiring teachers, nurses, accountants, veterinarians, nutritionists and other professionals achieve their career goals. No matter your hopes for the future, there's an Exam Edge practice test to help you earn the score you need on your certification exam. Our professional development scholarship was created with these diverse professionals in mind - no matter your certification topic, we're here to boost your efforts.

Given industry demands as well as teacher shortages our country currently faces, these kinds of scholarships are more important than ever. Our professional development scholarship aims to lower the barrier to entry in any career field and beyond. No matter your area of expertise or passion, we're here to support your career goals.

We are proud to announce that we are granting Two $1,000.00 scholarships annually for expenses related to passing your certification exams. It has always been our goal to help as many people as possible to pass their certification exams and move into productive careers.

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