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Important April Dates

Important April Dates

March 19, 2024CSG Staff

April is a critical month for high school seniors making final college decisions. Here's a breakdown of what to focus on:

April 1st to Mid-April: College Admission Decisions Finalized

  • Most, if not all, college admission decisions and financial aid offers should be in your hands by early April.

Throughout April: Visit Colleges

  • Admitted Student Events: Many colleges host events for admitted students in April. These can be crucial for making your final decision.
  • Virtual Tours and Sessions: If you can't visit in person, take advantage of virtual tours and information sessions.

Early April: Compare Financial Aid Offers

  • Understand Offers: Take the time to understand and compare your financial aid packages. Consider not only the total amount of aid but also the breakdown between grants (which you don't have to pay back) and loans.
  • Negotiate Aid: If a school is your top choice but another school offered you more aid, it doesn't hurt to contact the financial aid office to discuss the possibility of additional aid.

Mid-April: Decision Time Approaches

  • Decide on a College: As the May 1st National Decision Day approaches, finalize your college choice. Consider academic programs, campus culture, location, and financial affordability.
  • Deposits: Be prepared to pay the enrollment deposit to secure your spot at the college of your choice by May 1st. Some schools also require housing deposits at this time.

Throughout April: Finalize Housing

  • Housing Applications: If you plan to live on campus, complete your housing application and deposit as required by your chosen college.

April 15th to 30th: Financial Aid and Scholarship Deadlines

  • Last-Minute Scholarships: Look for and apply to any last-minute scholarships with April deadlines.

Late April: Plan for AP Exams and Final Exams

  • Study for AP Exams: If you're taking AP exams in May, start reviewing now to ensure you're prepared.
  • Keep Grades Up: Remember, your college acceptance is conditional on your continued academic performance.

Throughout April: Thank-You Notes

  • Send thank-you notes to teachers, counselors, and anyone else who helped you through your college application process.

April 30th: Prepare for National Decision Day

  • Make Your Decision: If you haven't already, prepare to make your final college decision by the next day, May 1st.

Additional Considerations:

  • Waitlist Decisions: If you're on a waitlist, consider sending a letter of continued interest to express your commitment to the school.
  • Plan B: Have a backup plan in case your circumstances change or if you decide to take a gap year.

April is about tying up loose ends and making big decisions. Stay organized, communicate with your family and counselors, and prepare for the exciting transition to college life.