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South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education provides resources to assist students with college costs. Below are some available resources for South Carolina Students:

State Grants

State Scholarship Opportunities

  • LIFE Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program administered by the financial aid office at each eligible public and independent college and university in South Carolina.
  • Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is a merit-based program to recognize the most academically talented high school seniors and encourage these students to attend college in the State.
  • South Carolina Hope Scholarship  is a one-year merit-based scholarship created for first-year students attending a four-year institution who do not qualify for the LIFE or Palmetto Fellows Scholarships

Institutional Scholarships

Colleges provide institutional grants and scholarships to help make up the difference between college costs and what a family can be expected to contribute through income, savings, loans, and student earnings. Awards may be based on academic merit, artistic or athletic talent, financial need, or other factors. You can learn more about the types of institutional grants and scholarships awarded by checking each college's financial aid website.

Private Scholarships

Private scholarships provide funding for students who meet the requirements specified by the donor organization. Local organizations or businesses may offer scholarships to students who plan to study at a regional college or plan to pursue a degree in a particular field of study.

Check with your High School Guidance Counselor office for details about local and regional scholarships.


South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

1122 Lady Street Suite 400

Columbia, SC 29201

(803) 737-2262/ 734-4397


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