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Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway

October 17, 2021
$2,500 - $100,000

Every student deserves a chance to realize their potential. That’s why Dr Pepper is giving away $1 million this year to help students across the country pursue their dreams.

The Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway Promotion and Contest have changed lives by giving away millions of dollars in tuition over the last decade. Dr Pepper takes pride in helping students achieve their goals with the challenges of rising tuition costs and studying full-time.


  • Be a Student between the ages of 18-24,
  • Create a profile with Dr. Pepper
  • Submit your goal and upload a video to be considered
  • or you can nominate a deserving student who meets the above criteria.
  • Finalists are notified via email.

The video topic is to "Briefly describe your goal – how will you change the world?".

Additional information to include:

  • Help us get to know you and your academic and professional goals, but stay on topic.
  • Tell us how winning this tuition will impact your life.
  • Be passionate. Be creative. Be you.
  • For more video guidelines, see Dr Pepper's FAQ.

Prizes range from Five(5) $100,000 Grand Prize winner, Five(5) $25,000 Runner-up prizes, and Ten(10) $2,500 Consolation prizes.

Number of Recipients:
Gender Based:
Financial need based:
Contact Information: